Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Roseridge is modernizing its weigh scale software at the landfill and is moving to electronic contactless permit cards.  The old paper permits will no longer be valid after December 31, 2020.  The new permits are radio frequency (RFID) contactless cards that are read wirelessly each time a user enters a Roseridge facility.  Each permit has been registered to a particular household and owner. Each time the permit is used, information is automatically recorded into the weigh scale software to verify service.

Can I bring a picture of my card


We require residents to physically have and scan their permit cards to verify the transaction's authenticity.

We cannot accept photos of a card on a phone or a text with a permit number.

If your household has two vehicles that go to the landfill regularly, you can request an additional permit card from your municipality

Who is eligible for a permit?

Only residents of the Sturgeon Region are eligible for a permit and direct access to the Landfill and Transfer Station including those living in the Towns of Bon Accord, Gibbons, Legal, Morinville, Redwater and Sturgeon County.  Eligibility is defined in your Municipality's Waste bylaw.  Occupants of residence not eligible through their municipal office can contact the Landfill directly to obtain a commercial permit. 

What kind of information is collected?

The type of information collected when you scan your permit has not changed.  Upon entering the facility, the scale attendants would manually enter the information for each load.  Each time an electronic permit is used the following information will be recorded automatically:

  • Permit card number
  • Date and time the permit was used
  • Source and type of waste being disposed of
  • Weight and costs associated with the disposal

What happens to the information that is collected?

Information that is collected is only accessible by Roseridge and your municipality for the purposes of tracking the volume and type of waste disposed of for billing purposes.

Aggregate information is provided to Alberta Environment and Parks as part of the reporting requirements of our Landfill approval.

How much does the new permit cost?

Permits are being provided at no cost.  If you lose your card, have to replace your card or want an additional card, the cost will vary depending on the municipality you live in.  Please refer to your municipal fees and charges schedule for more information.